Ms. Marti


Hello! My name is Ms. Marti!

 You need to be in my class!  I will help you build a strong foundation in order to increase your knowledge and feel confident learning other styles of dance.

Modern II:

If you are ready to take risks, build stamina, and defy your body’s expectations, you need to be in my Modern II dance class. Join me as we explore different techniques that allow our bodies to move through space with energy, vibrancy and power. Learn the different styles of pioneers such as Horton, Graham and Dunham and how they help us to connect to the world around us. Don’t waste another minute! Sign up now! 

Ms. Maya


You should take my class… why you ask? Because in contemporary we will be covering modern and ballet movements while dancing with our heart. In this class we evaluate music from different kind of genres inorder to feel the music and create impromptu dances. This class will help with stage presence of your body, arms, legs and even our fingers. So come on out and take contemporary, put yourself to the test!

Ms. Daijha


You should take my modern class because it’s the best dance style there is! Also in this class we focus on stamina and balance in order to perfect our ballet technique while in modern. Cool right? Well come on in but take your ballet shoes off we do it bare feet in here.

Sonya Boomer


Ms.Sonya’s experience and passion for dance lead her to fulfill God's plan into her own business which is to share the love of Christ with kids through dance. 

In 2012 a vision was given by God to open a dance studio. In 2014 Sonya C. Boomer stepped out on faith and opened the doors of 3M’s Where Jesus Is Lord Dance Studio with one student. Because of her trust in the Lord and her love and compassion for dance she is still standing. Over the years she has helped build students confidence and self-esteem with dance, as well as help many of them improve their GPA (Grade Point Average).   

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...Where Jesus is Lord

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Think of 3M Dance studio as the team and you, the parents/guardians or dancers, are the players. We are in this together. The teachers and staff here at 3M prepare the dancers for just about anything! We want our dancers to grow up believing they can achieve and conquer anything whether its Dance, Modeling, Acting, Auditions and even Competitions. We remind our students that they can do all things through CHRIST. With our little push, we encourage our dancers to learn and understand that the sky is the limit and with God nothing is impossible.

Meet the Team

About Us 

3M Dance Studio

Mr. Tim


Hi, I’m Tim and I teach acting. However this class isn’t a regular acting class, during the summer we will learn how act dance sing all at once. Each dancer will receive a character and once acting starts you have to be ready. Quiet on set…. ACTION!

Ballet I & II:

​Elegance. Grace. Strength. Finesse. Do any of these words describe the way you want to dance? Come in and learn everything from plie’s to grand jetes! BALLET IS THE CLASS FOR you!