3M Dance Studio

Jazz:  Combination of all dance styles with much energy. This class teaches students to express their sassiness while dancing which helps develops stage presence.

*Attire: Black leotard/flesh tone convertible tights/black boy shorts or biker shorts/black split Jazz shoe*

2019 - 2020 Season Classes

Tap: Coming Soon

Acting: This class will not only be extremely fun but it will teach the dancers how to become one with their song. Dancing tells a story without words and in this class, the dancers are going to learn how to conduct a short play based on music and lyrics in order to tap into who the dance wants them to become.


Aftercare: is a time to reflect on what happened during the day while having fun doing activities. Parents use this time to end their day at work effectively knowing their children are safe.

...Where Jesus is Lord

Modern I & II: Combination of Ballet and Jazz

*Attire: Black leotard/flesh tone tights/boy shorts or biker shorts/no shoes*

Hip-Hop: This style of dance helps to encourage students to feel free and have fun while dancing. This will include learning the latest dance styles.

*Attire: White t-shirt or studio t-shirt/sports bra/black sweat pant or black leggings/tennis shoes*

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Contemporary: In contemporary dancers are challenged to not only dance with their feet but also with their heart. This dance style allows the dancer to analyze the music and elongate every part of your body, legs, arms, and even fingers. This is a slow and very particular style. 

*Attire: Black leotard/flesh tone convertible tights or black sports bra and shorts*


 Currently Enrolling for our 2019-2020 Season Classes 

Classes start September 7th, 2019! 

* Registration - $35.00 per dancer.* 

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Ballet I: This class teaches ballet vocabulary and technique. Here you work on the barre, across the floor and center floor. Evaluation is required for this class in order to determine ballet II.

*Attire: Black leotard/white convertible tights/black skirt/pink split shoe*

Ballet II: Challenges dancers previous training while learning combinations that develop their skills. Evaluation is required to enter this class.

*Attire: Black leotard/flesh tone convertible tights/ black skirt/ flesh tone split ballet shoe*